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How to Pack your Bag Like a Pro

by Huzefa Hazari 02 Dec 2021

Traveling, albeit with the restrictions the pandemic has brought in its wake, is something that is much anticipated. The year 2020 was spent majorly in lockdown and with airlines following SOPs, travelers have now begun to find relief in traveling.

Perhaps it’s time for each of us to refresh and revisit how to pack right! There is no reason to dread the packing process; here are a few tips which will help you pack like a pro. Yet, there are certain rules of thumb to follow whenever we begin to contemplate a trip.
They are:

•   Never over pack
•   Choose the correct sized luggage bag
•   Research airline and luggage weight allowed
•   Research the weather of your intended destination to know what clothes and      shoes to pack
•   Have the ticket, passport, ID and documents easily accessible in a zipped travel case.

With these basics in place, lets come to the actual packing of the bag. Depending on the duration and itinerary of your trip, choose the correct size of luggage you will need to carry. Most people prefer a cabin bag for a short business trip or an impromptu pleasure trip. You might consider a medium sized bag in case you are travelling for a fortnight or longer. Travelling Bag OPEN

Pre Packing Phase:

Step 1: Make a list: Failing to plan is planning to fail thus before you even take out your bag make a detailed list of items you will need to carry. Pay attention to detail and make sure you don’t skip a thing.

Step 2: Plan your wardrobe: Before packing, take out the clothes you plan to wear and lay them out. Try to plan them as per your itinerary. Pick out the accessories and shoes as per each outfit. Find things which can be mix and matched so that you save space. Put your underclothes and socks in a pouch. Make sure you carry the right number of face masks. Don’t forget to take a laundry bag to separate your worn clothes from you other items.

Step 3: Take shoe bags: Pack only one two more pairs of shoes other than the ones you are wearing on your trip. Put them in shoe bags so they don’t ruin your clothes.

Step 4: Carry medicines in a pouch: Its always wise to be prepared for an emergency and carrying fever, cold, cough and gastro medicines with band aids and ointments in a secure pouch is a good idea. If you are on any medicines carry them in an organized way in a pill box so you can make sure you never miss a dose.

Step 5: Put chargers and cords in a zip lock: Gadgets, chargers and its many cords and wires are something we can’t afford to forget but are small enough to get lost among all the other bric a brac in your luggage. It is better to roll them up neatly and pack them a transparent ziplock so that they are easy to locate.

Step 6: Take toiletries in travel bottles: Toiletries are a cumbersome item to pack and its wise to take your liquid soap, shampoo, conditioner and moisturizers in small travel bottles as per the liquid travel requirements. You must however remember to carry enough hand sanitizer in your hand carry as well as your main luggage.

Packing Phase:

1. Make sure you put all your pouches and shoe bags in the zip section of the hard top luggage case.

2. Fold clothes as small as possible. Its time saving to iron all your clothes  and pack them in thin layers.

There is no logic to carrying clothes that crease easily. When you reach your accommodation, hang clothes in hangers.

Packing must be done in a logical way so you don’t have to haul a heavy bag around and there is no pain of paying for excess baggage. The trick is to invest in a set of spacious, sturdy, quality luggage bags that will last for a lifetime like the range of branded luggage available in Pakistan at Companion. Be it Delsey, Oural, Montsouris, Moncey, Helium, Indiscrete, Chatelet, Chartruese or Baikal, you’ll find the best luggage brands at Companion in Karachi. Visit our e-store or visit our outlet for the best deals on branded luggage in Pakistan.

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